A Message From the Director


A personal message from the Director, Sister Bridget Zanin, MSC.


Mother Cabrini’s Motto:


“I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me”


Philippians 4:13


Welcome to this sacred space, as we consider it to be holy ground.  This is where the first American Citizen Saint and Patroness of Immigrant worked, lived and died.  She died at 67 year of age and had opened 67 missions all over the world.


The Shrine is a spiritual center that invites and provides a quiet and peaceful place for all who come. It is a place of reflection and inspiration where we gain insight into our inner being. Choosing silence can be difficult in our noisy world, but silence can be healing and can open us up to the presence of God in our lives.


We invite everyone who has a desire to be spiritually renewed to come here to visit. Once you see the beauty and experience the peacefulness and the awesomeness of the Shrine you will leave with reverence in your heart and a desire for a deeper relationship with God.


We as Missionaries and Christians together are impelled and committed to give witness to the love and compassion of Jesus to the world and to put our faith into action. Your experience will be moving and revealing with a deeper and insightful desire to grow in holiness.